Jeff Minard

Experience Timeline

SAHD Home 2022-Present

After a rousing two-and-a-half decades in the web software industry, I've taken a hiatus to focus on my roll as a stay-at-home-dad.

Staff Software Engineer Credit Karma Inc. 2017-2022

Facilitates CreditKarma’s transition from physical servers to Google Cloud; specifically the major jump into Kubernetes with GKE. Worked on a small team of ~6 people to manage all of the kubernetes installations for CreditKarma across a bi-coastal deployment for disaster recovery/business continuity. Worked closely with dozens of teams to ensure CI/CD pipelines were smooth from development, test, integration and finally staged deployment rollouts with K8S tooling. Implemented and maintained large Consul installations for service discovery and traffic routing. Built extensive tooling for K8S YAML file management, integrity validation, and release management.

Infrastructure Software Engineer Credit Karma Inc. 2013-2017

Specialized in creating, maintaining and innovating on the internal development pipeline tooling for code development and release. Managed internal tools such as pre-made development virtual machines, release cycles, and within the virtual machine the infrastructure to match development to production. Maintained and produced the deployment of CreditKarms application code to dozens of physical servers and worked closely with DBAs to manage the application release cycle in conjunction with database maintenance and upgrades.

Lead Architect Credit Karma Inc. 2010-2013

Implement new features in PHP (as well as frontend html+js), consult on feature planning, scale web services, optimize architecture, interface with external partners, and a myriad of other tasks at this successful web finances start up.

Web Producer Digital Illusions CE AB 2007-2010

A jack-of-all-trades employee responsible for successful design, implementation, and delivery of the Battlefield Heroes website experience.

Senior Technical Producer CNET Networks, 2005-2007

I transformed from a static unmaintained website into a thriving community website of over 25,000 members. I handled programming, development, user evangelism, server administration and design for the majority of project. As of 2011-07, the site continues to run under my code base and now sports more than 500,000 users and as many topics.

Web Master Youth Outlook! Magazine 2004-2005

I played a key role in the development and expansion of a highly dynamic and rapidly growing web site by producing video, audio, and other multimedia applications which were deployed in conjunction with weekly story updates.

Web Development Intern PBHS Web Design Summer 2002

While interning at this company, my responsibilities included Flash work, HTML editing, content creation, programming, systems administration, and search engine optimization.

Web Developer/Customer Support Internet Magic 2000-2002

Beginning as Technical Support, I advanced to the position of Web Developer in 6 short months. My responsibilities included programming, design, layout, content creation, and project management for client and company.

Technical Support AccessPort ISP Summer 1996

My main role at this Santa Rosa ISP was Phone Technical Support. Along with trouble-shooting for customers over the phone, I was responsible for some of the computer and network maintenance around the office.

Personal Projects 20011-2019

Tired of missing out on good deals at Steam, SteamAlerts would allow usess to set a "price alerts" for games and be emailed when the game fell below their set price. 2005-2014

The leading Battlefield 2 stat tracking website, I built this entire experience myself using PHP, MySQL, and a few other pieces of tech. I also built the physical server myself, performed the linux setup and maintenance and took part in leading the community forums. While I started BF2S as a hobby project, it grew to a 10 million page views per month site. The project was retired at the very end of 2013.

Technical Skills

  • Kubernetes
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning & Automation
  • Various languages: PHP, Python, Go
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL/Clustering/Sharding
  • Application Security
  • MS Office
  • Linux/Windows/OSX


B.S. in Multimedia & Web Design
The Art Institute of California - San Francisco

Santa Rosa Junior College

  • Web Development Career Certification
  • HTML Certification
  • Dreamweaver Certification
  • Photoshop Certification