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The “bike” propped up on a tree planter
The Purple Bike

Well, ok, the title is a bit misleading as it’s not entirely purple, nor a bike – but “The Gray Scooter with Purple Highlights” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as nicely. (Also, I just noticed that most of the purple bits are on the other side! Darn, gonna need a new picture…)

I bought this from a fellow out in the Ukraine that makes these frames by hand, and was custom ordered for an incredible deal. You can find him on Facebook under Hill Scooters.

When I first saw the design, I thought it’d be an awesome platform to build on. After arriving I did build a fun ride, but really kind of overshot what this should be – putting a multi-kw motor with a MASSIVE, high-voltage (72v) battery on it was a mistake.

After not getting a lot of use out of it, I started reclaiming parts from it for other builds. Then several months later, I ordered some 14" motors for testing with my Fiido project and ended up not using them. I thought it’d be a fun way to revive this build – and it has been!

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