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Under-seat Compartment

It’s not my bike until something is 3d printed on it ;D

I want to store some extra electronics on the bike, out of the way. I notice there’s a nice little gap under the seat, so I made up a covering box which creates a small pocket down there. You do have to disassemble the whole dang seat, but you’ll also finally get those last bits of shipping plastic out!

Underseat cover
The view

Underseat cover, lower angle
More beauty shots

I even went so far as to figure out the angle of the nuts so that this printed piece is angled correctly. (The metal plate, fun note, is not – the stock screws are engaged off plane and just dig into an edge.)

Fusion 360 screenshot
Bolt holes with proper angle and head capture

When installed, the box is nearly invisible:

Side shot of bike, compartment not visible
Nothing here!

And, even when you find it, it looks like it belongs, plus there’s no visible wires (they’re all hidden under the key/button plate).

Low angle up and under seat
There it is!

Helpful wiring notes

There is a three wire plug going to the rear light which carries 12v when the bike is on and a separate 12v when the brakes are pulled. I don’t have any info on how much draw this circuit can handle.

Make your own!

Here are the Fusion360 file and a STEP file if you wish to print your own. I printed in PETG-CF for outdoor use and gave it heavier walls and infill for strength, especially around the bolts. Print it the compartment area facing up, the bolt overhangs don’t need support.

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