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Mid-frame cover

One of the bane’s of every custom upgraded bike is the wire mess – there’s simply no DIY ebike that can compare to the made-for-the-bike custom wire harness that comes on factory made bikes.

As such, I wanted to hide the wiring for this build, tidy up, and provide a spot to better hide a GPS tracker and other electronics.

One of the big selling points to the Grin Phaserunner is the very compact size, which fits very snugly in the mid-frame triangle. An upgrade from the stock controller which was danging outside this same spot.

Controller and wire mess
The controller mounted, with wires all over

So I took to CAD (Cardboard Aided Design). First I took everything out of the middle triangle, then started cutting a cereal box up to fit in that space. Once I had it slotting in nicely, I took that to my actual CAD (Fusion 360) and measured and modeled.

About 10 prints later, I’ve got a piece that sandwiches from the sides to clamp over the frame, controller, and wires inside. It’s also printed in PETG with a honeycomb infill so there is still some airflow.

Frame with cover, right
Frame with cover, left

I love it.

I’m providing the design (Fusion 360 file and STEP file) for free, but be informed that this is not a perfect fit, and the bolt placement is specific to using the Phaserunner as pictured above. Otherwise, though, have fun!

Also listed on Printables.

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