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72v Battery Build(s)

A picture journey in the 72v battery for the RadMini4.

Cells are Samsung 35E, 3500mAh. Configuration is 20s3p. Comes out to 10.5Ah, or 756 watt hours.

When doubled up, that will be 21Ah (1512Wh) which, at a common 25-40wh/mi should range anywhere from 40-60 miles of range.

Rear side welds

Front side welds

Close up of solder points (mid nickel, between negatives)

Fish paper with holes punched for solder points

Battery leads welded on a taped up

Daly BMS all soldered in

The only novel thing about this build is that I custom ordered these Daly BMS units. I specifically had them add the “Key Switch” feature which acts to completely turn the BMS on and off with a simple open/close switch. They don’t normally come with this feature; which I think is pretty lame.

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